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  1. i keep having bus companies coming to us doing this but i forget to ask who they are using. everyone typically has the 5gb plan. here are the options as i see them 1. use a 4g cell modem. sprint has unlimited plans for 4g. i suspect verizon will have similar early next year. 2. proper bandwidth utilization. for instance you can try this tool for axis http://www.axis.com/products/video/design_tool/calculator.htm i used a q7401 ntsc at record 24/7 for 30 days with 1 fps CIF H264 compression 50 and it came out to 4.6 GB. maybe offline storage would help for the situation also? i know some instances where dvr has local storage + wifi/rf. when the unit comes within range of base router a server app automatically pulls off the storage video. i ran into this with some police stations. i.e. when patrol car pulled up to station house parking lot the video was pulled via wifi/rf to station house server.
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    wow that is a tough situation if you can't change the port. http://techblissonline.com/yahoo-pop3-and-smtp-settings/ looks like ssl smtp + auth so your pretty much screwed on the yahoo side. most ISP allow for smtp on 25 or ssl like yahoo is doing if it is from internal network like Rory is saying. otherwise how would you send email from the account? it's just remote smtp they don't like for relaying/spam reasons mostly; especially on the less secure 25. possible options http://www.postcastserver.com/help/Port_25_Blocking.aspx
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    Howdie cctvers

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    lol i think i just helped you to support it on a blackberry. good to see you on the forum Anthony. Rob
  9. 9070 is available in the US.
  10. should only matter if it changes...use dyndns.com with a router that supports the heartbeat/update for them. they have a supported list somewhere on their website.
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    EyeMax DVR and Virtualization

    i don't understand why he would have to dual boot as opposed to just running windows inside a vm? this way he could keep the mac running all the time and just open the vm to see the video in IE via activex.
  12. what version of IE are you using? Is it the same as you used on Vista? remove the activex component and then install it again.
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    IP PTZ Cameras

    i'm sure axis would beg to differ with that statement. you can use their tool here to get some ideas on bandwidth required http://www.axis.com/products/video/design_tool/calculator.htm
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    where is your cctv DVR mounted??

    put it in a lock box for starters then.
  15. lol, i guess because i was on the development side i didn't get that answer from ONSSI. they were very straightforward with me. Milestone on the other hand I had a very bad experience with. I tried to utilize their api and by my 2nd question to support they wanted to start charging me some crazy amount of money just to answer basic api questions. and the api is supposedly open but i guess for support on the api there is a large hourly cost. weird. didn't like the way they handled it either. basically rude to say the least. I do like ONSSI though. good product development overall and the employees are great to deal with. Jason was the product manager at the time and was very approachable for any kind of question IMO. I have not been approached by any company doing PSIA like I have with ONVIF yet so I haven't bothered to look to deep into it. In most cases we need a demo cam to test against so just looking at the api docs right now doesn't do much. Of course if they are strictly rtsp too then this will be the same issue.
  16. i guess you would consider ONSSI the bastard child of Milestone as i note in my post they use Milestone's recording engine. thing is they take it way beyond just the recording engine. they actually licensed parts from what they considered were the best of breed for each functionality and put it all together for an All In One. the only thing i don't like from what i was reading in the api docs for ONVIF was that it strictly supports rtsp streaming only. bye bye http streaming which i understand is future looking but from certain standpoints (cellular for instance) rtsp gets blocked at the carrier level sometimes and in the case of blackberries there is NO rtsp stream support via BES and it's not going to happen. been through it with RIM for awhile now.
  17. i'd have to 2nd ONSSI. i ran through their whole demo at the last ISC West and was blown away. btw they use Milestone's recording engine but take it to a whole other level. Excellent functionality and good UI development.
  18. yes as the quote says we support any dvr manufacturer via a video encoder. this means if you can hook up a supported video encoder to either loop outs or a monitor out then we can get the stream that way. it is mostly just jpg/mjpg right now though but works on wifi and cellular. if you can get me temporary remote access to the avermedia though i can see if i can get the stream directly for our apps without need of the encoder. the encoder is just a workaround when all else fails.
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    SMTP server for Exacq

    if you created and publicly registered your own email server internally on your network that has public access then you should be fine. the issues will arise by how many alerts you are emailing a day that eventually your ISP will start looking at you like a spammer and start blocking service. and also depending on where you are sending the email alerts 'to' there may be extra hoops you have to jump through like sfp for ms accounts like hotmail. of course you will need your mx records recorded with your ISP also.
  20. make sure you are logged in as local admin on the box and that their are no local group policies preventing you from doing so.
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  24. axis, pixord, stardot, vivotek, bluenet, even dlink have video encoders. if you can run cat5 to where the camera is you are probably better off just getting ip cams now and future proofing yourself.
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    Y Cam

    a lot of people had wpa problems on the last firmware update. check some of the ip cam/webcam forum for this manufacturer's reviews. we support their mjpg/jpg streams in all of our apps + the mpg4 stream in our bb app.