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Found 40 results

  1. I have some Hikvision DS-2CD2543G0-IS cameras and a Lorex N883A6B-Z NVR (all brand new). I can't get them to connect to each other. I understand the proper way to connect these is via the ONVIF protocol, but I still have been unable to get that to work. All devices have the most current firmware available installed. Would anyone be able to provide some guidance or advice on what I can try to get these to work together? Thanks, Tony
  2. HI All I've just started working for a security company and i've been asked if it's possible to automate certain tasks. For example, they have to connect to a customers HikVision CCTV system and download a few seconds of video from each camera as proof that it is recording. This has to be done monthly for insurance reasons. As you can imagine with lots of cameras, this is soul destroying work and it would be ideal if this could be automated. I'd appreciate it if anyone has any insight. I know i've no provided and model numbers but we have lots of customers we have to do this for and they all have different models so this is more of a general question. Thanks Adam
  3. Over the passed year, I have been using several 8MP Hikvision ColorVu bullet cameras to do biodiversity field research in the mountain forests of Western North Carolina. These cameras (DS-2CD2087G2-LU) are able to record beautiful color footage in very low light situations better than any other camera I know of, and this is exactly what I've needed to be able to do. So far, my setup has been: camera connected to TP-Link router, POE adapter connected to AC power bank and to the camera, ThinkPad laptop (Windows 10) connected to router, Verizon Jetpack wireless broadband modem for internet connection, and two portable AC power banks. And I've been using the Hikvision SADP tool to launch the camera, then, in the Live View browser tab, I've edited the cameras' configuration settings and controlled their recording. This has worked very well for me. Now, I need go deeper into the woods and record in more remote areas of the forest, where there in no cell service and no internet access. So, I need to set up everything to be able to record to the cameras' memory card, and/or to my laptop's hard drive. This seems like it would be something that is fairly easy to do; but I haven't found any clear and accurate instructions on how to do this, either on Hikvision's website or on the wider web. I'm hoping someone here might know either specifically, or even generally speaking, how to do what I'm needing to do.
  4. I have a DS-7216HUHI-K2 / P hikvision 16 4k channel pvr. At present I have 9 PoC cameras connected (with all 16 ports enabled) to the system. I wanted to add 2 more but am struggling. Ive created new leads from the same cable, and bought in pre made leads, but the cameras are never detected or come on. I'm not sure if the new cameras need to be enabled, switched on etc to make work? Or if there is only specific cameras that work. I've tried x3 different camera models and none worked THC-T250 5MP 2.8mm Turbo HDTHC-T250 5MP 2.8mm Turbo HDUHD 4K 8MP DS-2CE78U1T-IT3F UK Is there a specific camera that works with this pvr or is there something I'm missing in the setup to enable the cameras?
  5. New to the CCTV World. I'm writing RTSP apps and I'm always looking for other tinkerer to help me test stuff, troubleshooting, find out bugs suggesting new use cases.
  6. Hi, i have bought Hikvision's DS-2DE4425IW DE(T5) with H8 platform. Apparently it have no auto tracking feature (which AE variant have. And a higher price tag with similar specifications, DS-2DE4A425IW DE also have it in older firmware but new firmware delete it). My questions are: 1. Is it possible to "inject" auto tracking feature into the firmware? 2. If it possible, how to? Thanks for your enlightment
  7. So i configure my acces control DS-K1T802M to use card and pin code. when i use a pin code everything work fine but when i use my card the device say verifying card encryption failed. I will show you my configuration when i try to use my card it give me this error verifying card encryption failed Can anyone help me ?
  8. I am new to cctv, making changes for last 10 days but every time a new problem arises. right now I am facing an issue which is my nvr records a video in approx 1 min or 30s files. set to motion recording, if there is an ongoing motion of 2 mins the recorded video in 1st file is good but, in second video the recording is not starting just after it finished after a first video there is a gap of 4-6s. following is my Devices pls guide me to achieve best settings. I am from India. Camera Specifications Hikvision 2MP POE Bullet Camera Max. Resolution :1920 × 1080 Shutter Time :1/3 s to 1/100, 000 s Main Stream : 50 Hz: 25 fps (1920 × 1080, 1280 × 720) : 60 Hz: 30 fps (1920 × 1080, 1280 × 720) Video Compression: Main stream: H.265/H.264/H.265+/H.264+ : Sub-stream: H.265/H.264/MJPEG : Third stream: H.265/H.264 Video Bit Rate : 32 Kbps to 8 Mbps H.264 Type : Baseline Profile/Main Profile/High Profile H.265 Type : Main Profile NVR Specifications Hikvision DS-7W04NI-Q1/4P 4-Channel Built-in PoE NVR Supports H.265/H.264/H.265+/H.264+ HDD 500GB Internet 40Mbps rated, actual speed 40-50Mbps Total 5 Devices connected at a time, MacBook, TV, ipad, cell phone & NVR Below is my current settings: Motion detection On resolution 1920x1080P video quality: Highest fps: 25 pre & post recording set to: 10s Bitrate: Constant 4096 Compression: H.264+
  9. Isaac ma


    Hello guys! I am an Engineer in Electronics security(Zimbabwe) Kindly share and discuss developments & challenges here and direct to me. Thank you
  10. Hi I have recently been suffering from repeated attempts to hack my cctv (this is all I can put it down to as the dvr (DS-7216HUHI-K2) is recording numerous illegal login attempts when I am the only authorised user. These attempts have been coming from Russia Las Vegas and numerous others. The thing is I have only ever given my IP address to one individual. I have a BT latest generation wireless hub and the security on that is set to the highest level with stealthed ports etc. How would anyone else even know I have a dvr? I'd be most grateful for any thoughts
  11. Good day all,Is anyone using a hikvision PTZ with A Geovision NVR?I have added the new Hikvision DS-2DE4A225IW-DE to the NVR V 8.7, and have the image, recording, alerts, etc going, but I am not sure how to configure the PTZ portion.PTZ digital works - but only within the currently displayed image of course.I have added the camera both as an ONVIF and a RTSP (the latter seems to work better) but no difference on the PTZ.If I look at system configure - accessories - ptz device and ptz io, the options there seem to want a physical port/connection to operate. I would like to use it just ONVIF or RTSPIs it possible with GEOVISION NVR (no scrap geovision suggestions please)?If not, I can always use the hikvision utility for added PTZ (I have scheduled positions set up so dont often have to change it too often) but would rather have full fnctionality through GV and thought someone out there could point me in the right direction. Thanks for your help W
  12. I have about 8 dvr/nvr hikvision that I have gathered over time while I dumpster dive they all work but I need at least one to work fully functional because I really would like to use one with ptz control and other features I have tried the support and email from hikvision but I just don't think iam fully understanding what to do I don't have wifi or internet at this time is that a requirement to reset? Please help I've been trying over or close to a year to just at least get one of these going the proper way it would mean a lot to me thanks in advance as they say. Hikvision nvr ds-7716ni-4/16p serial 768951424 canices-3(a)nmb-3(a). (2)dvr ds-7208hghi-sh serial 673119377 01. Ver.code: xaontc (3)dvr ds-7208hghi-sh-2t serial 545023349 ver.code:vlbjrp
  13. Hello! I currently have 10 properties that are all hardwired with ip or analog systems. Out of those 10 properties 5 of them are all currently using hikvision dvrs. I have never had an issue with hikvision. I am currently working on a setup to remotely view all properties from a central Hub. If all systems were the same manufacturer and use the same software that would be ideal. 1. does the current hikvision duhua ban stop all sales to private owned individuals like my self or just government agencies and what not. 2. If I will be prevented from buying hikvision in the future What's the next best system with great remote viewing capabilities?? 3. If hikvision is not banned for private sales where can I buy at the moment from a authorized dealer? My go to has been B&H photo but they have no stock. thanks a million!
  14. The video quality is not clear. Using 5 meters finolex full copper core coaxial wire. 12v 2 amp adapter. Settings >video parameters set to 5mp resolution. Earlier no video showed in tvi,cvi or ahd mode, contacted helpline got new firmware,now the camera is working but i get double image and video lacks details. The cable is only flexed at 2 points smooth 90⁰ curves.
  15. Crackerdog

    IVMS 4500 and Hikvision

    I have had this system for 5 years and set up a long time ago , Virgin sent a new router super hub 4 and nothing worked , all ports were set up and its working but only on my mobile data and not on my home wifi. so the internal network is blocking the cameras but I have no idea why This seems to be the opposite of the issues I had setting it up. Any ideas would be welcome cheers Paul.
  16. Good afternoon, I have a very strange issue, I have asked the company I purchased the equipment from , however although they helped a little they wouldnt take a camera back to test it for me. So, in our shop I have a Hikvision IP system with 3 cameras, 2 internal domes and an exterior one. One evening I checked on the cameras using IVMS and noticed our shop was in blackness, weird. The IR didnt seem to be working at all on any camera. It was as if the IR had been turned of altogethor. Next morning I accessed the recorder then the cameras, everything was as it should be; I had changed nothing in the lead up to this. I have reset every camera manually using the reset button and updated both the firmware on the cameras and recorder. Nope, still no joy. Any ideas ? The cameras work flawlessly otherwise. The cameras do switch to b/w in low light. System : DS-7604NI-K1/4P 2 x DS-2CD2142FWD-I(2.8mm) DS-2CD2142FWD-I(4mm)
  17. I have tried over and again on two different Cameras and they both act the same.. What I am attempting to achieve is for my Camera to record directly to a NAS ( Buffalo Linkstation 210 ) as I dont want to run a dvr or the IVMS software suite on my PC 7/24 I setup my NAS as SMB but it is open to even anonymous W/R access I configure the Camera's Storage management NET HDD with my login parameters and test successfully. I then Format the HDD using the Camera's HDD Management tab. it seems to succeed and for awhile it is online and in NORMAL state if I log out and back in again it seems to change back to Uninitialized. I have a youtube video if you would like to see... It shows the NAS on the left and the cameras webpage on the right NAS Status wont stay Initialized Video Link Any help would be appreciated
  18. Hi all I have a hikvision cam and a dvr which is linked to my mobile and my wife's mobile. She can playback recordings at anytime of the day but mine only allows playback until around 11am to 2pm on any given day. The rest of the day shows nothing recorded. I am using a Samsung S10 and my wife is using an iphone 11. Is it a processing power or memory issue ? My wife used to have a much older iphone (6 or 7+ I think) but still could see the whole day's video but I have never been able to.
  19. Hi there in case of upgrading my surveillance system to get rid of all my 8 NVR TO one equipment. which equipment should i use. is the hikvision blazer pro all in one is the best choice alone or i need to use hikvision NVR with 128 channel along with the blazer prothanks in advance
  20. I have a hikvision 8 channel full HD DVR. I am using the Hik-Connect app for live view on my smartphone. Whenever I try to watch the live view on my phone, it works for about 5 seconds and then the DVR crashes and restarts on its own. The DVR is connected to a TP-Link router. What should I do now?
  21. Hello Everyone! Very glad to introduce me and my company here. I'm Felton from Hangzhou Xiongmai Technology Co., Ltd., are a CCTV video surveillance manufacturer in Hangzhou China, we develop, produce and sell CCTV DVR, NVR, IP camera, and Analog camera(AHD and XVI), we can do any OEM products according to your requirement. Production of camera modules and complete equipment. If anyone in the forum has related needs, you can find me on Whats or send an E-mail. Whats Number: +86-17758371152 E-mail: zhengyunlong@xiongmaitech.com/zhengyunlong@jufenginfo.com Company website: xiongmaitech.com/jftech.com Thanks for your attention!
  22. jason3712

    Camera resolution

    Hi. Hopefully an easy question! If my DVR say only accepts highest resolution analog TVI camera of 5MP, but having a hard time finding a camera that's 5MP, can I hook up say a 6 or 8MP and just go into the camera settings and set it to 5MP? Or won't i get that far, as in I won't be able to get to the cameras menu via the DVR? I don't want to buy a higher res and not be able to use it, that's all. Thanks in advance.
  23. I am planning to Install 1 DS-KV8213-WME and 3 DS-KH6320-WTE I am going to connect them to a Hikvision POE Switch my question is, will the system still work if for any reason the internet drops out? As the internet is not 100% reliable at the location Im not on about remotely or on IVMS ect. Will the system internally still work without an internet connection
  24. Gareth Parry

    Hikvision ivms-4200 issue

    Hi, we have a Hikvision DS-7608NI-K2 / 8P connected to multiple cameras. currently we can only access via a web browser and it has to be IE as it needs a web plugin. We cannot view any recorded playback as our AV blocks it and as yet there is no way to allow through. We have external access set up and we can access the system using an external IP, via the mobile app and also IE. I am looking a way at being able to access the system without IE, without using a mobile device and that allows recorded playback. I have installed the ivms-4200-VS client on the internal network and connected the device using the online search. when i go to playback i can see it and there is a small down arrow that i can expand and see all the camera's. i can then do live view and playback. when i install on a remote PC and try adding using the external IP it finds the device and tells me it is online. when i go to playback there is no arrow to expand and see the cameras. am i missing something? do i need to open up more ports on the firewall? is there a better solution? thanks Gareth
  25. hello all if anyone need to reset any DVRs ,IP CAMs OR NVR or any product from Hikvision just send me the XML file in message and i will help him who want to test ?