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Found 6 results

  1. I have poe switch 8 port, 4 camera working and 4 unv ip camera show red light continously also not working. IN our POE switch power and data light showing but in nvr it does not working it show network disconnected. when i directly connected UNV POE switch to my laptop it show only 4 camera out of 8 in EZ station UNV software . I have changed rj45 connector and test lab cable pair ok, also change camera but it not working and show red light continuously on . please tell me what is the problem and give me solution
  2. hi, as per subject 'one cat5 to 3 poe ip cameras?', can this be done... if so how? i'm new here, if this is a stupid question, please be gentle :-) regards gabriel
  3. I have an Pelco outdoor camera housing that is heated/vented that had a Panasonic BB-HCM381A indoor camera working fine in it for about 10 years before it quit. I'm looking to replace the Panasonic with a new INDOOR PTZ camera, preferably with POE. I don't need an all-in-one outdoor PTZ camera with a housing/package - already got that. In my home I have a few Amcrest PTZ cameras that work fine and would mount in the Pelco, but they are not POE and their power connector is now USB-C, so they won't work (easily). Any ideas? Thanks.
  4. Hello everyone. I got myself a used POE camera that I want to connect to an NVR. The problem is that I see that camera has IP assigned to it and I'm on network It's discovered by an NVR but if I try to change IP it just says wrong username/password. How would I change the IP? Maybe there's a way to completely reset it? It's a china brand "VANDSEC VN-MV20" and there's very little info about it. Can anyone give me any tips? https://www.vandsec.com/cn/info4024.html
  5. New here...I have a dilemma and here is some background. We have a location where we need a security camera. That location has a Ubiquiti NanoBeam powered by a Ubiquiti switch putting out passive 24v dc. We also have a Ubiquiti Outdoor NanoSwitch there to split up the ethernet that also supplies passive 24v dc. We are trying to keep things simple and go strictly POE, not run dedicated power to a 12v dc camera. 1.) I cannot find an outdoor camera that runs on 24v dc, is one available anywhere? 2.) Is there a ethernet splitter that will drop voltage from 24v dc to 12v dc? 3.) Am I screwed? LOL I would REALLY like to just find a 24v dc camera... THANKS for ANY help you can provide!! Paul
  6. Dear, I have a Crasher where a software company has provided software to record mining work and as now they need to be installed 2 cameras to take pictures of Truck one of number plate and second of under Truc to get pictures what is in it, Software company said that he need 2 cameras with 2 different IP and told me to buy CP Plus UNC Series Orange Colour 2 MP camera and POE switch, Can you please help me is it possible with these 2 things if yes how it's possible.