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Best WDR Chips

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I work for a Camera manufacturer and we are trying to design a WDR camera. What is the best chip to use? We would like to get the best bang for the buck. We were thinking about using the Pixim 2500 series. The only thing about the Pixim chip was that it was a CMOS chip. So the picture quality was a little grainy. Is there a cheaper chip that is better than the Pixim 2500? Any help would be great.

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From a product design view I'm not sure getting bang for buck is as important as performance when choosing WDR chipsets.


WDR cameras can demand a premium over standard colour cameras and I bet the extra cost more than covers the chipset overhead. WDR cameras should make manufacturers more margin. So it would seem sensible to try and make one that is good enough to steal competitors sales. I would go for the best chipset available and take a hit on the margin if necessary because it won't be that big a hit and you want to get a big share of a high margin sector.


If your camera is good and priced right it should sell. If your camera under performs it won't sell as many and then squeezing a few dollars from the chipset won't seem so smart.


Tell you what would be useful. Could you post the various chipset costs so we can rate how each performs against the cost?

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