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NV5000 IP Camera Support

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I'm looking at the NV5000 for a few analog and a few IP Cameras. This is just for home use.


The IP Camera's I have are AI250's, are these supported? I know there is a list, but most cameras' use similar methods of capture...


How does the NV5000 get IP cam data, does it connect to the cam? Does the cam drop files on the box? Also, does the NV5000 system convert the MJPEG from the camera to MPEG4? or does it keep it native? (alot more storage)



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If you are using their 7.3, then you can choose you want to save the original image from IP camera or you like it to be transcoded into different format. I think this is a very good design to for user.


As for IP camera support, if your camera is not on the list, you can only try your luck and see if you can find a protocol you can use with it.

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