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[GV-1480] and dual VGA card

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Dear all,

I have just finished to build up a new DVR system based on GV-1480 (16 ch). Everything seems to work fine except for second VGA output.

I have set VGA card to "clone" option so both VGA outputs should display exactly the same pictures.

The first out is ok (good picture quality and also Full Screen DirectDraw works fine), the second shows only pink images.

I knew similar problems should be solved with upgraded VGA driver, so I have downloaded the latest driver for mobo and VGA card from ASUS website, but nothing changes.


This is the hardware configuration:

Mother board: Asus P5N-E/SLI

CPU: Intel Dual Core 1.8GHz

RAM: Kingstone DDR2 /667MHz 1GB


OS: Windows XP Professional SP2C


Can anyone help me?

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This is due to problems cloning the DirectDraw layer.


I always recommend people use a VGA splitter cable, as this gets rid of the problems quickly and cheaply, without having to fiddle with the settings for ages.

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