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Ip camera/server to test Active Webcam

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Howdy, I am wondering if there is an IP camera/video server that I could run a test with.


I am using PYSOFT's Active webcam and have been having trouble finding a 4 port Video Grabber card that will work well with my setup. I was thinking of switching from a PCI Video Grabber card to a IP Video Server that I would plug my analog cameras into and then access them across my local LAN. My Lan is based on a 100mb switch so that should help with bandwith issues between the video server and the PC.


So any ideas if there are some demo sites out there that would let me connect to their camera/video server to do a test with?


The thing that concerns me is:

A. Is this compatible with software based motion detection where you have to compare frame by frame to see if there has been any motion.

B. If Pysoft's Active Webcam will connect to a IP webcam/video server. I know it advertises it will, but I would like to see it with my own eyes.


Thanks in advance!!!


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