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NV6240 w AMD (Opteron 185)

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I recently upgraded my Security PC to an NForce4 MB, but my ailing GeoVision card did not like it. Since I was going to upgrade the Geovision card anyway, I decided to try an AverMedia 6240.


Assuming my ASUS/AMD board get along with the 6240, what kind of performance hit can I expect? I gather from reading between the lines that the AverMedia software is tweaked for the Intel CPUs. So even though my Opteron is a fast dual core, it may suck? I'll probably go with the Intel 6600 eventually, but if I can rest may bank account for a few months, that would be OK too.

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You might want to check out the thread that I opened regarding "NV3000 Jittery Images". We ended up talking about the pros and cons of using AMD over Intel. I too have a AMD CPU and and Asus motherboard that uses the NVidia chipset. I am being steered in the direction of just going out and getting a new mobo and an Intel proc.

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