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Argus JPEG2000 -8 channel problem-plz help

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I sold Argus JSD-800 8 ch DVR to a customer and a problem arises after one month.


all 8 ch. are working fine on Live View but in playback mode four cameras from ch 1-4 are not giving display, the other ch-5-8 are working fine and showing the record.


this problem occurs for about 8-10 hours each day. that is the all 8 channel show recording for some times and then suddenly first 4 cameras go off.



i replaced his DVR and gave him a Brand new one (tested one)

but this problem also occurred on that DVR too?


please tell me the solution why this is happening

is their a software fault or hardware prob

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okkay i'll try updating the firmware but there is one more question i would like to ask


Is there any backup method for firmware i can make of this dvr and then update its firmware, just thinking if update fails and dvr firmware gets disturbed by trying this attempt.


also i tried changing shedule recording mode to Motion detector + Continous record, and this solves my problem,

previously it was set to factory defaults 'continous record' only and this is causing that problem.


i wonder why i cant get proper recording by enabling just Continous recording.?

also could you tell me what does the mode 'Motion + Countinous record '

actually does , i mean if it is already recording continously then what will be the advantage of Motion detector?

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I have had this on a dvr before and it turn out to be the hard drive.

Try reformatting the drive.

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