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320x240 vs. 680x480

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What is the difference between 320x240 and 680x480? I was recording at 320x240 and getting six days of video on my 340 Gig. hard drive. Now I have switched it to 640x480 and I am only getting three days of video. Is the 640x480 worth it? My other record settings are.


340 Gig HD

4 Cams-2 Audio


Video Quality - 4

Round The Clock

Geo MPEG4-ASP = 3 Days


340 Gig HD

4 Cams-2 Audio


Video Quality - 4

Round The Clock

Geo MPEG4-ASP = 6 Days

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I'm Dave. I'm from Concord Ca. (Bay Area) I live in an old dark neighborhood. People are always coming here to rip off and vandalize. You can see a video here of me chasing off the last guy that was trying to steal my Honda a second time.



That was a Swan system. We were unable to identify the crooks. Or what type of car it was. It did not record in mpeg 4. So I did a lot of research and I found this place (CCTVFORUM) and built myself a Geovision System 8 port - 4 cams. 2 Pelco 2 Panasonic. And one mic. Currently setting up a fifth cam that will be just for license plates and car close ups.

Since I set up this new system. I have seen and stopped or have been able to explain many things

That's me Dave. Thanks for all the help guys. Especially Rory who has helped a bunch. Dave

Here is a video of the current setup. During the day and night. If anyone has any ideas that would help on the night view. I sure would appreciate it. Thanks again Dave


Cam -1 Panasonic WV-CP474 Day/Night

Cam - 2 Panasonic older model

Cam - 3 Pelco 1390 Day/Night

Cam - 4 Pelco 1390 Day/Night


DAY Video








Here is a great site I would like to share. GardenWeb.com Try the forums.

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