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GeoVision versus AVerMedia

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I have been searching with Google to find any discussions about the quality of video produced by AVerMedia cards when compared to GeoVision cards.


I have not found much to read.


I am particularly interested in head to head comparisons....such as the AVernv3000 directly compared to the GV-600 and of the AVernv5000 directly compared to the GV-800.


Any comments would be most welcome. Especially discussing color depth, crispness, rendering of detail and crispness.

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I had a GV 600 and a NV500 running together using 3x different cameras with a splitter / amplifier, this was a test to see if there was any difference.

The only difference I found was, under low light conditions the NV 5000 was giving a better clearer,noise free image. The Geo. unit was running on V8.12 but maybe V8.2 might be better

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