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Manlock/Interlock question

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Hello all, I'm just looking for some suggestions on a manlock (or if you are a fire inspector an "interlock" )


My company is in the process of constructing a 3 story building with a secure datacenter in the basement. Our compliance requirements call for a manlock to enter the datacenter. The manlock is going to consist of 3 doors, one for the entrance and two for the datacenter (separate datacenters adjoining). I have experience WinPak and N1000 panels, but only for smaller, simpler setups.


I know we will need readers on both egress and ingress for mustering so I would imagine that each door would end up taking up two readers on a panel. I guess the big question is what system would be able to handle this properly?


Most panels I've seen so far seem to limit at 4 readers on a panel, but being that there is 3 physical doors with two readers apiece I think I need a panel that handles at least 6 readers. I know that most if not all systems can be expanded but they seem to differ from manufacturer to manufacturer as to how the panels can interact.


Any thoughts or suggestions are much appreciated.



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If you're talking about mantraps, that's an interesting one. the last mantrap I put together wasn't done with an access control panel, just relays and door contacts. Do they want read in AND read out for the doors? The software may offer some sort of interlock between two relays and doors (for example a secondary relay and door status zone in the setup just for this purpose). Are you using WinPak and N 1000 panels again? What version? It's been a while since I messed with WinPak (1.17 IIRC), and I didn't set up anything special, either. I am reading the N-1000 III/IV, and it mentions interlocking, but I'm just thumbing through right now. Might be a idea to call their tech support for their thoughts about it.


EDIT: Of course, that doesn't even touch the subject of fire code requirements.

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Jeromephone, thanks I am going to check into that.


Sir Flannel, I was planning on using the NetAXS boards from Honeywell with WinPak just because I am used to the software. Honeywell is pretty expensive though and my company is cutting budgets so I might have to look at a different company.


I was considering using a series of relays to control the mantrap but our security auditing company wants as much event logging as possible (the other reason I wanted WinPak). I was also hoping to use boards to simplify wiring incase we needed to change the setup in the future.


Below is the setup I am planning on. We checked with fire codes and as long as the interface with FACP drops maglocks directly from power we are ok. I will be using an Altronix power supply design just for these requirements.


I know for most boards they control up to 4 doors and a few relays on the same board. For the manlock I would need 6 readers and a few more relays per door. Below is the setup I plan on using.


-Three physical doors

-Two readers per door (ingress and egress)

-One maglock per door to prevent exiting without card scan

-One electric strike per door as a fail secure in the event of power failure or FACP forcing the mags to drop

-One PIR above each egress to shunt the door position sensor

-One DPS per door to monitor for force or hold opens

-One delayed egress button per door for fire code purposes


Each physical door would require 2 readers, 2 output relays (mag lock and strike), and three inputs (DPS, PIR, and delayed egress button)


I know most 4 door boards can have expanded output cards attached, but my main concern is needing 6 readers on two separate boards. It is my understanding that most 4 door boards keep all communications on that board itself. If I am two readers short, will the board be able to span to another 4 door board to shunt readers?

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You can use Locknetics (Schlage) 510 or 515 power supply with their DCM modules to do the interlock. There are some examples on their website that allow the interlock to operate separately and still interface with the access control system. Call them and they will be able to get you going. Their supplies are a bit pricey but work well.

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I'm new here and looking forward to being part of these discussions. Part of the design is why the customer wants a mantrap? Is it to limit RF transmissins or to make sure the person entering goes through a metal detector? Maybe just to keep prying eyes out? Is there a requirement for only one person to go through at a time or are multiples okay, maybe you could apply a two man rule? Is there a sound requirement to meet? Maybe you dont need three doors? I have had good success with two doors almost everywhere but have had to use three for sound. I use a simple brick type PLC to do this but I used to do it with DPDT door switches and some Altronix relays. I have used the maglock/strike combo and the AHJ had no issues with it. I usually put a mechanical over-ride keyswitch tied to an audible/notification alarm inside the space to allow emergency personnel access. This precludes the bad guys from hitting the F/A and getting access while allowing free egress on a F/A. The ingress is controlled by people in the space. Some AHJ's will insist on the doors opening on F/A and will not bend, some allow an over-ride keyswitch and others say egress is all that is needed. Just some thoughts, hope they help.

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