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help identify 4Ch DVR please....

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Hello, Ive got hold of a second hand 4Ch DVR for CCTV cameras. The only problem is i cannot access the menus as it as a password on it!!


The unit has no brand written anywhere on the case, but here is some info ive got from it.


4 Channels with loop outs.

DVD or CD writer not sure which

~19inch wide

Black front and silver case

160gb maxtor HDD

the PCB has DVR4e ver1.4 written on it

Small silver sticker on the back with A403951 stamped on it

There is also one of these stickers on the PCB

A054E009312 is also writen on the board


Cant find any jumper pins on the PCB, its quite a small board for the size of the case!


Any help would be great. Any one want to see a picture?


Many thanks

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Some info.


Just unpluged the HDD and booted the unit.


On screen display....



DVR BOOTING................OK




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using the camera select buttons enter: 4321 as the password



hi I have the same box and issues.. I have tried your code and a million others. Is there a way of resetting the password / code. black case silver trim and com ports on the back (can I set this unit up on the computer..)



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or nothing


because they are so original know one would think to enter those.

or try throwing it against the wall really hard. Sometimes it will reset everything back to the original format.

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Have you managed to get into it yet? Unfortunately as it is second hand this probably will have the previous owners own pin in it and it could be anything. Trying the manufacturers code is useless. But im my experience as others have said these are: 0000, 8888, 1234, or the enter button 4 times...

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If you open the DVR there should be a battery. This battery is used to ensure that, at times when no power is present, the device still retains info in its memory (like your pin). Remove that battery (probably looks like an oversied watch battery). Leave this out of the circuit board for about 30sec-1min which should cause the pin to default back to the manufacturers "hard coded" default pin. This may work, but it also may not...just a suggestion. This is one method of resetting a computers bios which is why it "should" work...but it all depends on how the dvr stores the pin.



If any of the suggestions work please respond letting us know which worked so that others with your same issue can find an answer to thier problems without having to go thru all of the suggestions that didnt work for you.

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helo friend,

you can try to unplug the HDD, and turn on your DVR, after that try to press 5 time pause or stop button to reset to factory default.

because most of the DVR is using this hidden method.

hope thsi will help you.

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I have the DVMR4E. When it boots, it displays Gen IV Technologies, and then shows DVMR4E Ver 4.0.

The Admin password was unknown, and the default of "1" did not work. But I figured out how to reset this unit's admin password.


The Admin password seems to be stored on the internal HDD. So if you disconnect the HDD, it will accept and use "1" (the default) for the admin password.

Here is how I reset the Admin password:


1. Power Off DVR

2. Open unit, and disconnect HDD power cord.

3. Power on DVR, let it boot. You'll see an error about HDD, ignore

4. Login as Admin using "1"

5. From the MAIN menu, select/enter MISCELLANEOUS

6. In Miscellaneous, Select HDD Information

7. Plug the HDD power back in (let it spin up and get ready, about 30 sec)

8. Choose HDD Auto Detect (mounts HDD)

9. Select MENU to go back to MISCELLANEOUS

10. Select ID/PW Setup

11. Choose Admin (for password change)

12. Leave OLD PW empty

13. Enter new Admin passwd and confirm

14. Select MENU


That writes your new password to the HDD.

MENU all the way back to camera screens


Power Off

Power On


Your new Admin password will be read from the HDD and used.

You should now be able to login using your new Admin passwd

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