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dm digital sprite password help

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hi, I recently got ahold of one of the original digital sprites (not the ds2) and I was able to format the hdd's and it boots up and works fine, but the previous owner had set a password so I can get into the settings to change the IP, date, time, etc..

I did a search of the forum and tried a passcode that works for some ds2's.. but no luck for me.. anybody have any idea on how to reset it? I was looking for a battery (usually how you reset the bios in computers) .. I was also reading that I should call DM directly, so anyone know of someone who's real helpful over there?.. I'm reluctant to send them the unit to reset the password since I hear they have exhorbitant prices, and it doesn't seem worth it for a discontinued product..


any ideas on where to go from here..? thanks!

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i looked up the pdf in your link about hard drive replacement, and tried to short jumper 2 to reset the unit.. but it still retains the password.. anyone know if there's a serial command to reset (or view) what the current installer password is.


the motherboard on it is the dvtr(?) 35


any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

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This is a very late reply but I was just able to recover the set up screen from the front number pad by entering 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8.

I previously set a user password and then lost control of the front mode/menu button.

All is happy again. I just saved $65.00 plus freight both ways. That was the quote for repair in California. I was told they needed to telnet in and reset that way. Boy did they hold back or just not know the back door password?

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