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GV-1480x2 Multi-Cam start issue (Can't find KeyPro?)

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Great forum BTW.



Installed in:

4U chassis w/ GIGABYTE GA-EP45

intel T7400


2x GV-1480 PCI cards for 32 channels w/v8.3 (Yes, they're real)



After assy. and driver / software loading, I reboot only to have a promt come up stating: "Can't find Key Pro" -- and then Multi-cam stops its start-up.

I had a simular incident in past, and just reloaded software and drivers, and never saw it again until now; I have reloaded twice, and would like to know if anyone knows whats going on...


In the GV manuals, I also cannot find anything.






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couple of quick things:


1. You cannot install 2 x PCI GV1480 cards in one machine.

At least one needs to be PCI-Express


2. If you are using a PCI-Express card, make sure you have connected the power cable to the card.

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I recently had this problem on a GV-650 Geovision system.


The symptoms were:

On startup, Multicam startup software would run.

A splash screen shows that says "Multicam system startup..."

After about 30 seconds, a dialog would appear that says "Can't find keypro!"

then another dialog "Card setup fail"

then finally a dialog with a timeout of 15 seconds which says "Device driver is lost, or it has not been installed. Try to restart windows"

Clicking cancel on this dialog allows the computer to keep running, but if the time was allowed to run down to zero, the computer would restart. (ANNOYING!)


Under the device manager, there was reference to any GV-650 hardware present.



The video capture PCI card in the computer had lost it's seating on the motherboard. Reseating the card fixed the problem.

After restarting, the Multicam software started as per usual and the device manager showed the relevant hardware.

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