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new forum for product releases specials and ebay finds ?

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what do moderators feel about making a new forum for ;




1 ) new technology releases that might make our work easier simpler or cheaper


2 ) Ebay finds .. where a seller is dumping items useful to us at a heavily discounted price to retail


3 ) new products released to the market ( spammers and dealer advertising excluded )


i will start by listing a couple of links below ;


This product is a combined surge protector for video, data and power all in one unit ( i have no relationship with the company )





and this Hong Kong Online shop has El-cheapo infrared illuminators


( $ 3 - 11 each )...... i have already purchased two cartons off them so i have enough to last me a while .





Mobotix have these 3 Mp IP camera sensor boards if anyone else likes to make custom covert cameras like me when customers have a tough environment to investigate ( corporate fraud in particular ) ...their pricing is over the top in my opinion , so if anyone knows a more direct route to buy from the factory door i would like to know.





thanks and best wishes all.


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Just joined your forum. Thinking of buying PTZ camera on EBay. Comes from China. About $600. Local place wants way more. Tried to put link and ask if this camera was any good? Got message telling me I need to put 5 posts and wait 5 days. Well...... Be back in 5 days.

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Just remember that if you buy on ebay and need tech support, it may not be there!

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for good boards look at http://www.videologyinc.com/index.html

This is an american company who bought the Philips CCTV Special Products Division when Bosch took over so you must can buy it in the USA

At the design studio in the netherlands work only former ex-philips designers and the prices are good.

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