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SpeedDome Ultra III

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Hi (first post) -


I just bought some old cctv cameras in a lot, and was surprised to find 2 SpeedDome Ultra IIIs.


My ultimate goal is to hook up 4 cameras at my business, send the outputs to a card in my desktop and be able to view them from the internet. Can anyone point me at the cheapest way to do that?


They're mostly Panasonic WV-BP114 fixed cameras, but some have motorized lenses and two are the speeddomes. My original thought was to just use the fixed cams as I figured it will be cheaper to make that work. But now I'm wondering if it would be possible to make use of the motorized zoom or PTZ cameras.


Any tips?




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Welcome to the forum,


I would find a DVR card and software that meets your needs as most have PTZ control built in. Or a standalone DVR that has PTZ controls and remote access capability.


I use the hikvision DVR card DS-4008HCI and a software made by a company called JDL. Their software has some PTZ control protocols built-in. I don't know if it will work with those exact domes, but you could email their tech support and ask. They are always very helpful and their software is very good and easy to use.

Good Luck,

Joe L

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The SD Ultra III is an American Dynamics unit. You would need the DVR to output either "Sensormatic RS422 (4-wires, shielded)" or "American Dynamics RS422" because at that time they did not have other manufacturers protocols (e.g. pelco, vicon, bosch, etc.) built in.


Or, go on Ebay and purchase a TouchTracker Controller (ADTT16E). This unit will output SensorNet data (2-wire, no shield) to control both domes. Just make sure they sell you the EIM module and cable along with the touchtracker otherwise it's useless to you. You need the EIM to supply power to the keyboard and output the SensorNet data to the domes. And, yes you can star connect off of the EIM module.

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