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G1240 card from 2006 keeps shutting off, video is pulsing

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I run a 1240 card with 13 cameras attached. This is my second card. Had the computer build for this 1240 card. I only use this computer for security so there is nothing else on it. When I first got the card I had some issues. The company I purchased it from is limited on tech support so I have to rely on Taiwan email. I would get little pink lines on my video and they told me to replace my video card. That did not fix the problem. It slowly got worse. They told me to do an upgrade and it got worse. Then I came into work a couple of weeks ago and the video screen was showing video lost on most of my cameras. I rebooted, the videos came up on all the cameras but then every camera was stuck on one shot pulsing. There was no movement just strobing. Now it just crashes and restarts. It will keep doing that until I log out. They came into my computer on TeamViewer over the last 3 weeks and the result is, here is their email to me:




Than you for your reply.


Your DVR get all video lost message seems appear for a period of time again and again.

The video signal seems not stable.


Please Check the video/audio connection. Make sure one end of the D-type video/audio cable is

securely connected to the video/audio device, and the other end to the video/ audio port of

the GV-DVR.


Have ever used a DV camcorder as the video source on DVR channel?


Please make sure your cameras are working properly by testing them with TV monitor. Or, you can use DVD player as video source and see if you can see the video in Multicam Main System.


Have you ever try different PC installation?

If you still get video lost message with different PC, your card might not functional, please contact your

local distributor for RMA process.




Best regards,





Technical Support

GeoVision Inc.



I took my card out and took a front and back picture of the card for them. The guy from the company in IL that I purchased the card from said an upgrade should have never been done. I am so confused and $4000.00 later I am not getting any answers. I hope you can give me some kind of insight or at least a lead. I would love to take the card out, get all the software out of the computer and start from scratch. If it is from the upgrade maybe I can clean this up. I can check the individual cameras as per their instructions if that would help. They really have not given me anything. And as I am typing this stupid software keeps rebooting.

Thank you.

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