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Ganz ZR-DHD Backup Assistance **Help**

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Hi all, First Time Post Here.


System issue with Ganz ZR-DHD 921NP


In Brief, My wife manages a ladies fashion store and she requires to backup approx 1 hr of recorded matter as evidence of staff wrong doings. She has backed up onto standard CD-R.


The problem is she has followed the on-screen steps and the result is a total of 50MB written to disk and when disk played back the footage is in fast forward or time lapse. This is too poor quality to be used by her superiors.


The amount of disk space used seems awfully small to me.


As i am not a staff member i am not allowed to either view footage or be in the prescence of recording equipment to assist her. They do not have an assistance program or contracted company maintaining system, only on an "as and when" basis.


Does anyone have a manual or procedure to enable her to follow steps to get a higher quality outputted backup? and also playback in 1:1 time.

I also ask if anyone knows if it is possible to backup specific channels eg the 2 required showing evidence of wrong-doing, (1x front door camera & 1 x staff office camera) and not the complete matrix of 8 channels.


Many, many thanks in advance for any assistance given



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