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Hosted access control

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I guess you mean a system that uses a PC or server to manage users etc.


We have been using Keyscan but many of the server based products have the same capabilities


Central mgmt when you have many users it is vital to have the ability to add delete etc and have this info sent out to all panels.


Reports you can have reports generated and sent to dept heads etc.


remote locking and unlocking of doors.


backup of data the system we use has all the info at the panels so if the network goes down the doors continue to operate fine. When the network is restored then the data is sent back to server.


If you have access via internet you can manage the system for the customer. additional $$

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Hosted service offers a lot to the client. Anymore these days you are selling more to the IT guys as it will sit on their servers. This means, you need to keep them happy and they immediately worry about managing another appliance. Hosted service, such as Brivo, which we are a dealer, and absolutely love, sits on the network but only runs on Outbound Port 443, meaning the IT guys don't have anything to worry about, and it uses SSL.


That is one BIG reason, but here are a few more:


- Free Software Updates

- Automatic 1-Year Archive of History

- XML Software Integration Tool for existing database of employees/users

- Easy Remote Access, From Anywhere

- Brivo is Government Approved (ANSI X509 and many others)

- Awesome Tech Support

- Not to mention your ability to access remotely and manage if you need


Brivo offers panel based devices and the EDGE devices, both of which can use the ACS Webservice (Hosted) but can also be configured to work with the Onsite SE appliance which sits on their server, so the client has both options. And, the devices can be hosted, then flashed new firmware if the client decides to purchase the Onsite hardware.


Yes, your clients pay for the hosted service, but when it gets down to it, they love it.


We offer most clients the option of local access control and hosted service, and when they start talking about their wants and needs, Brivo makes it simple and the clients jumps on the Brivo bandwagon.


Brivo's software is very intuitive as well. I haven't seen any other access control software that was so straightforward but also incredibly powerful. We trained an H/R lady who was very computer illiterate and she was up and running the Brivo software with no problem, she even set up all the schedules, rules, and users on her own that afternoon. Some cool features are DVR/IP Camera integration, and the ability to log in online from anywhere in the world, view a camera live, and hit the door button to let somebody in. I can go on and on about Brivo, but I will tell you this, Brivo has been a blessing for access control for us. We have been doing more access control because of Brivo and the installation process is such a breeze, we make more money on it was well. We just signed the state up for an access control system using the Edge devices, and all we do is run a POE switch, cat5 to the door, plug into the edge device, and then un all the strike/rex/door/reader off the edge device which also gives you 700mAh of 12V DC power. Your techs don't set anything up or mess with any computer, you do all the management online, creating new doors and dumping the Edge device ID number into the system and it recognizes it. Very slick setup!


If you have more specific questions, let me know and I would be happy to answer them.

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Yes I have some questions.


What do you do about battery back up for mag locks? I know UPS for the POE switch but they are alot more expensive (from what I know) then Altronix battery backups. Also what about run time for them?


Also what do you do about fire alarm integration? You have to drop lock power when the the alarm goes off so you have to run a 2 wire to the lock, have a relay hooked up to the outlet the POE switch is plugged into or if you have a addressable system put a relay at each lock.


And I am assuming if the internet goes down the system runs is standalone mode?


Have you seen www.E-Data.com its not a hosted system but they have a very nice product.

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