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Thank you TomCCTV!


Hey Rory! What is wrong with Facebook? They have the best in spyware, malware, and viruses! You are an expert at removing this junk! Just think how slow we can make your computer drag!

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Thanks vin2install!


I am trying to measure what impact facebook will have on my "presence" in the local area, and a national "presence" as well.


During the building boom we doubled our population. I know homes have been lost, and jobs have been cut, and I do not know how many people may have moved away. All the people who came from NY, California, and from Miami will have found our prices to their liking even if it was overpriced at the time, and I see those individuals staying.


Facebook allows me to see where people live. I want to reach out to the Melbourne, and the Palm Bay community to let them know that I am here to help, and support them.


It is amazing how a large population does not even know that I exist!


I am interested to see what impact having people see "me" that have not "seen" me before!


Is this Guerilla marketing, or SPAM at it's lowest?

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