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Sophie A

Anyone know about Quality of Avtech camera?

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I'd like to buy CCTV systems for monitoring my business,

one of my friend recommended me Avtech brand for CCTV camera and DVR, is that brand have a good quality?

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It would also depend on the model number of the camera.


There are "kits" in a box that only come with one model of camera. These are usually bullet cameras. They will be wide angle, and great for watching a large peripheral area such as a yard, or drive way.


If you need to watch something more than 20 feet from where the camera is mounted such as a street side mailbox then you will need a larger number millimeter lens. The wide angle cameras will be 3.8mm, or 4mm. To watch a mailbox you might need a 12mm, or higher.


I order "self made kits" where I can pick and choose types, and styles of cameras.


My favorite camera to order is a varifocal lens 4mm to 8mm and it can be wall mounted, top mounted, or ceiling mounted.


You may not be happy with the entry level model bullet camera.


You can throw the bullet cameras on the ground and they will still work (but I do not recommend that you do so). They are tough cameras.


Make sure the kit comes with an H.264 DVR. You will be very happy! The older MPEG models are great! They are bullet proof, and run forever if you keep them plugged in to a battery back up with good line filtration.


I have AVTech DVRs from 2005 still running! They may need fans replaced, or hard drives replaced every so often to prevent a total breakdown.


Most problems with any brand DVR will be with power supplys, or hard drives. These things are working 24/7 and they absorb what ever abuse comes across the power lines if there is no filtration.


Any questions?

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