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Anyone have an opinion on 3xLogic MVR Series?

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Alright, here's the word back from 3xLogic:

Good to hear, we are pretty happy with the performance of this unit. Where you will notice the difference between this unit and the other main units is that it has limited power for decompressing and displaying images in live or playback. Other than that, it uses the same software as all the other products.


Analog cameras;

To record analog cameras it uses a H.262 hardware based compression card for recording analog cameras as well as real time live display. Record rates; 4CIF: 3-5fps, DCIF 6-7fps, 2CIF 8-9fps, CIF 30 fps. Video bit rate 32Kbps – 2Mbps.

BTW, my experience with the regular Vigil systems is that the maximum record rate can be split across cameras by the user... so for example, you could have four cameras (in one "group" that's alloted 30fps, depending on the hardware) using 7fps each... or one at 15fps and the others at 5fps... or whatever other combinations you might come up with. At least, that was the case with the ComArt-based hardware... this hardware, I'm not sure, but I know the software has the capability.


IP cameras;

If you are recording H.264 camera such as the 3xLOGIC VISIX series, (http://www.3xlogic.com/docs/641/3xlogic-vsx-2mp-vd-vandal-dome-spec-sheet-v11 ) it will have no problem recording 16 at full frame rate 2Mpix 12fps, or 4CIF 30fps because these cameras are hardware based compression in the camera. We simply decode one frame per second to get our metadata for smart search and other features. If you are recording JPG (HTTP) type cameras and using our AZTECH™ codec for cameras such as the arecont 180 cameras you need to make sure that you don’t use all the CPU cycles. The larger the image size, and faster the record frame rate the more CPU cycles are required. Unfortunately this is very hard to calculate so if you have any questions send me an email and I will let you know if I think it will work.


A good percentage of the time I recommend playing back and viewing live from a VIGIL Client PC. That way the operator will never see any performance issues on playback as the Client PC does the decompression and display leaving the MVR series to simply record.

So it sounds like a similar principle to Rory's Atom-based Exacq servers - it CAN be used as a local client, but with possible performance hits.



- Intel Atom D510 fan less main board and CPU.

- 2GB Ram

- Seagate operating system drives, laptop type. The operating system is shared with the first video data partition.

- Max 2 drives.

- Windows XP Embedded.



I'll see if I can get ahold of a test unit.... knowing you lot, I'm sure there will be more questions coming.

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Good info. Well the Atom does stay cooler then the Core 2's etc. So that could be plus. I gues they are using a riser card, just found some on Newegg actually, dont know why I had so much issue finding them before LOL. Actually to be honest in my appt now I only have 1 monitor, thats my PC monitor, not even a TV right now, so I just connect to the cameras over the network (using my software which is movable and re-sizable and can stay on top etc), so for me it would work. For alot of homes though they want that video out on the TV which is where it runs into issues, and since many have laptops now they cant leave them on or in place all the time. That said, I guess could setup a separate PC just for that, though that raises the cost more. Keep the info coming though. And if you can PM me a price, retail if need be, just for an idea. My colleague here runs everything off Solar and always is looking for low powered stuff so might interest him as well, he is the one that does the purchasing.

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1) The MVR runs an ATOM 525.

2) There is both a Hybrid model and an NVR model.

3) The NVR easily supports up to 16 2 megapixel cameras. It will actually support larger cameras as well, such as 5mp, 8mp and 20mp versions from Arecont and other manufacturers. While I believe you will be fine with one or two of these larger megapixel, there is no way you are going to run 16 20mp cameras on this unit. Understand much of our application core was written in assembly language to allow more power on a lower processor .. but even this has it's limits.

4) We also support our analog hardware-encoding capture cards in 4, 8 & 16 channel units. These compress your analog cameras using H.264 and since the compression is done on the capture card, it does not load the Atom processor.

5) The unit current support up to 2TB of internal storage.

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Hey Dave, long time no see - way to bump an ancient thread


I've used and installed a few of these now, BTW - neat little machines, and aside from the form factor, someone sitting at the console wouldn't know they weren't using anything from a cube to a big 4U rackmount system.

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Hi Matt,


I realized the thread was a bit dated right after I hit send. LOL Still relevant info anyways.


It is surprising how well these little MVR's perform. Glad you got a chance to use a few of them.


Keep up the good work!

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Does anyone have pdf of the op manual for the MVR series? They no longer support it on their website.

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