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Samsung SCD-2080P Camera any good??

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anyone got one of these cameras and can comment on if they are any good or not or heard anything about them and can tell me whether or not to give it a go or stay away from it?

google it, not a lot comes up.



• 1/3" Super HAD colour CCD

• Based on W-V, the latest generation of Winner DSP engine

• Built-in 3.6x (2.8 ~ 10mm) varifocal lens with auto iris

• SSNRIII, Upgraded 2D/3D noise reduction technology

• Day & Night with ICR (Infrared Cutfilter Removal)

• High resolution of 600TV lines (Colour), 700TV lines (B/W)

• Min. illumination

- 0.15Lux@F1.2 (Colour)

- 0.001Lux@F1.2 (B/W)

- 0.0003Lux@F1.2 (Colour sens-up)

• Privacy masking with 12 user programmable zones

• SSDR (Samsung Super Dynamic Range)

• HLC (Highlight Compensation)

• DIS (Digital Image Stabilization)

• Motion detection

• Coaxial control

• 512x sens-up support

• Multi-language OSD

• S/N ratio of 52dB

• Dual voltage : 12V DC / 24V AC

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I replaced some vitek cameras with SCO-2080R's

Much better image and detail, but I'm most impressed with the night time images.

So much better than what I had before!

No more blurry edges and ghosting.

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Great, would yousay there is any better at that price?


Also, or maybe i should start anothr thread but are there any ways to covert these? hide them etc, whats the size of these out of the shell?

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I don't know if there is any better camera for the price. I like Samsung cameras I think their clarity is superior to others. this one also has very rich OSD features you can tweak and its controlled up-the-coax which is hot.

it's not too big outside of shell. maybe 3x3" .

here are some pics I took with the phone:


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Result! what a great forum full of very helpful members, thanks for the info and pics there a great help, looks ideal, its just being able to mount it fixed with the circle bracket somehow?


I also noticed a similar cam G7A samsung SCC-B5368P A1 SERIES, do you know it? a little more expensive


I may go with one of them aswel if the SCD-2080P is all good and i can fix it without the shell. whats the digital zoom like?


Again Result and thanks, much appreciated

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not sure why you want it outside of shell, maybe give more details what you trying to do? to hide it maybe? if yes mount it with the ring so you get the flexibly of adjusting it inside pvc box. but the shell is really neat looking. I never had a client complains about it. its pretty small and sexy looking. you can also get it in Black. here in the US the black ones have "B" in the model. I know the SCC-B5368 but didn't like it because it looks like small spaceship and the removal of dome is not as easy as the scd2080. (you need to press a tiny clip to make the dome drop VS the scd2080 where you simply turn it counterclockwise. it also has a two pin connector VS scd2080 which has couple screws.)

I don't like the digital zoom. it gives you 2/3 zoom in but its still digital zoom. I rather set the optic lens myself for the view I need to get. If you go through the user manual of the scd2080 you'll see all the features.

it's defiantly best camera for the buck. we sold over 500 units till today and 0 issues. I have 2 of them installed in my living room too.

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H, yes thats exactly it 'I need to hide them' covvert cams really but i already have a covert sony effio and im not happy with the picture quality also i have another two coming from china which i regret spending £100 on a pinhole and small board cam


I decided to hunt for a brand name to see if the picture quality is better, if im still not happy with the samsung im going to get rid of all and try get me a hybrid DVR


I know i wont get the samsung completely covert but altleast i can hid it a little better without the shell, i can see there sexy cams and its a shame to take it away but its just the cam i need atm


Isnt the spec much better with the SCC-B5368? Or is there not much in the picture quality? obviously as you have tried both cams, which has the better picture out of the two?


P.s you sell these good by the way, you have me sold


EDIT: I just went with the SCC-B5368P A1 SERIES only as i got it for £100 delivered, did i make the wrong choice? I just noticed 410/470 pixels, Is this not quite low?


1/3" Sony 410/470K pixels super HAD IT CCD

2.8~11mm auto-iris lens

High resolution 600 TV Lines

Min. lumination 0.00023LUX (F1.2, 15IRE, Sens-up 512x)

Internal/Linelock (Phase control) function

Day/night (soft), with sensitivity functions

Advanced motion detection function

Back light compensation

High sensitivity in low luminance

Digital image stabilisation

Privacy mask function (mosaic-style)

Intelligent video (moved/fixed/fence/area/tracking)

3 years Samsung warranty


Power supply: 24Vac / 12Vdc ±10%

Min. lumination: Colour 0.12~0.4 LUX (normal) or 0.00023~0.0008 LUX (sens. up)

Operating temperature: -10°~+50°C; <90% humidity

Image device: 1/3" Super-HAD IT CCD

Scanning: 15625 Hz horizontal, 50 Hz vertical

Privacy zones: 12 (polygonal mosaic)

Motion detection: Off/On

Zoom: Digital up to 16x

Lens: 2.8~11mm tele/wide-angle

Resolution: 600 TV lines

S/N ratio: 52dB

Video output: VBS 1.0V (p-p)

Dimensions: 78 x 102mmÃ

Weight: 330g

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I'm sure you like what you ordered. I think the main difference is the design and the SCD2080 is true day night and the B5368 is electronic day night.

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the picture quality at night i found quite poor, it stays on colour mode for too long and the picture quality isnt great however in the day its ok.


I changed the cables to RG59 but hasnt made a great difference, what am i doing wrong? Should i scrap the RG59 and get Cat5? for the price of the camera im not all that happy


All my cams are poor at night with fuzz (i dont know the term) not crisp and lots of dots

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In osd set like this:


Color/bw: auto - >BW burst mode On

AGC - low

SENSUP - on - >20


The dots you see are from AGC.

If your rg59 is properly installed and terminated you won't gain switching to utp.

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Thanks i will give them settings ago tomo,

I think AGC is already on low


I just got my compression tool but in the meantime i have been useing screw on BNC could this be a problem?


I also notice that my Cable isnt thick braid, its copper but possibly only 80% how much effect could this have on the picture?


If im forced to get more cable if the braid isnt thick enough i may just cut my losses on the tools etc and get some baluns, i can get Genie baluns quite cheap, are these any good?


just getting fed up with messing about, all i want is a clear solid picture day and night, I got a £140 camera the RG59 and all the tools needed, Tell me could the fact that the braid isnt thick enough have an effect? If so i may aswel get baluns and Cat5e



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