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Just sent back an Eyemax DV-9448 Looking into Avermedia

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16 Camera's Analog system.. (540 TVLines for 14 Cameras, 560 for 2).


Any suggestion?


I have the system built and the DV-9448 card was just a headache and put me 2 weeks behind schedule.


I just RMA'd it and I'm looking for something that just works. The Camera's are installed, the lines are working, I just need a solid card that I can pop in, attach the camera's and get this system up and running.


I'm looking for something reliable from a company with good Tech support.. something in the roughly $900-$1600 range.


I have it connected to the internet as I need the PC to be able to accessed Remotely, and have a fairly simple interface (Clients aren't the most tech savvy.).




Intel H55 Motherboard

4GB Ram

Intel Core i5 Quad Core @ 3.2GHz

ATI HD5450 Video Card

640GB C: OS/Software Drive

2 TB WD Black Video Storage Drive



I'd like atleast 15FPS Viewing/Record (So 480FPS) Minimum... Who should i look into? Geovision?Avermedia? HIKvision?

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Avermedia are some of the easiest cards out there... they just work and there are constant updates.... work perfectly on blackberry, iphones, and andriods...


VERY easy to use for non tech savy

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I don't know which feature of Geovision I have used that Aver does not have... Probably the idle protection settings would be the only one. Most installations are more than satisfied with AverMedias. It is almost the only brand that I use and prefer. Extremely easy to service.

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