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Unable to login to Avtech AVC796 remotely.

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I hope someone is able to help and that my question is not too simple (like me!)


I have an Avtech AVC796 DVR which works perfectly as a standalone unit. However, when I connect to it over my local network I am unable to login.


At the welcome screen I use username ADMIN (I have upper and lower case) plus my password that I set on the box and which I successfully use locally. Then, having entered the verification code (again, using uppercase when displayed) the login fails with the message:


ERROR: Authentication error.


I hope it is a relatively easy fix - next up will be remote access over the internet followed by EagleEyes, but one step at a time!


Kind regards,



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are you able to try try adding a 2nd user with admin rights? it could be that the admin account is for standalone use only and wont authenticate LAN or WAN connections

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jmeader is right, in the menu of the dvr you can configure all the user name and password.


If you didn't before the default settings are:

User: admin (small characters)

Password: admin (small characters)


Hope it's working like this



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