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Dear all ,

Just wanted to tell you all about Port Forwadding for DVR's .

Its really very simple first you have to assign a ip to DVR ( & the gateway( in DVR should be same as that in your router of ISP . Login to your Router search for Port forward it maybe in Advance-NAT- Virtual Server . Input the same as anything like CCTV , Select TCP Protocol , Start port & End Port ( Generally 80) & IP as in you rDVR ( save it , THATS IT the port forward is done.

In some DVR's like in case of AVTECH you dont have to do port forward also. Just add the DVR's IP ( in the DMZ section in router & its done.

In case of DVR's which dont use 80 as its port we have to do port forward for 2 ports

Like in HIkvision DVr the dvr port is 8000 & http port is 80 so we have to do port for both this port differently but with the same ip (

In cpplus the dvr port is 3777 so we have to do port forward for 80 & for 3777 also.




Thats all folks " title="Applause" />

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