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Avermedia SA series fps

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Hello All


Does anyone know what the default fps is on an SA series DVR

to be more specific we use SA5000,SA6000 and the SA6032

I am offsite at the moment but last I recall the only fps adjuster was a sliding bar on the SA5000 that sticks out in my mind - I dont recall a value input or anything like that.

I take them out the box and use them as they come usually adjusting only what is neccesary.

Is there a default fps or is there a simple way to check.

Many thanks

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sliding bar



yes it a slide bar under camer recording. most are set to 6fps from factory. but you also have what res the camera is recording in. and you will see this in the list of cameras across the top. some will be in blue some in red.


on some of the SA32 they can go 25fps depends on which software it came with.


also a tip..... on the 32 if you insert a mem pen and export settings to it .... this will save all camera names (saves retyping if a mistake is made)

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