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DSC Keypad and Ademco Keypad

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Okay this might sounds like a stupid question but.. I install alarms and CCTV systems (As I have mentioned here before) At my house I have a vista 100 panel i have installed but I also have a DSC panel i picked up on ebay new for like 50 bucks. It has a really nice keypad I was wondering if the DSC keypad would work with the Ademco alarm?? They have the same pinouts as far as R,B,Y,G but I don't know if they would talk... I highly doubt it but I wanted your guys thoughts on it also.



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Yea, I don't think they'd work.


Although their means of communicating is surely very similar - serial on Y & G, power from R & B. What panel did you get? I have worked on Power 832 & installed the newer Power 1832 for a friend (the cabin job).


This just reminded me of how much of that 4-conductor alarm wire I have...

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