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SW 8.5 and fisheye issue

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So I have upgraded to 8.5 and my main issue is that the FOV for the fish has been reduced by about 30% when the "fisheye" option is activated.


Example, in 8.4 I was able to see all of my property and as well as up the street when defishing.. now with 8.5 I can not see past my driveway when defishing.


Video when no defished has not changed.



Anyone else have this issue?


Also, I have emailed geovision and had distributor open ticket with them as well.

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if you are on the viewlog (not sure if you are getting this problem on the live view or on the viewlog) , you need to go on the camera adjustment (not sure if i can recall it correctly, but there is an option about the afjustment or settings) and you will find a red circle line. You need to enlarge that line so that you can increase your field of view.

You can enlarge it by pointing your mouse on the edge of the circle and drag it/pull it, outside the circle to enlarge it.

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did this fix the issue as i've just spent near 3hrs without success?

same problem -


defished(aspherical view) is 100%

quad view you cant lift up the view enough and i'm losing, i'd say, more than 30% fov


had a look everywhere, went into cam settings(internal and software) but dont recal seeing any 'red circle or line'


help please??!!


...a screen shot would be great!!

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Good day, you must go to the IE and the option is there when you are using Live Viewing for Stream profile no 1. Right Click on the image > select Geo Fisheye > then right click and select Image Alignment. You will see the red circle there. Click and drag as your requirement. After you have done, remember to reboot your camera. See the screen shot below.


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