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Building Four 16 Cam Systems

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Here is the situation as briefly as I can write it. My new employer owns four police impound yards/auto Salvage yards and would like me to build him a 16 cam system for each yard. He would like to view all four yards from the main yard and his home. He would also like to view all four yards on separate screens.

I myself have a GV 800 8 cam system with 8 true day/night cameras. Four are Pelco CCC 1390's and four are Panasonic WV CP474's. I also have 2 microphones and a police scanner plugged into the system. I sure love my system. It has served me flawlessly for four years and has kept the neighborhood hoodlums in check to a point. It takes them a while to realize that I have the cameras. I have countless videos of the cars getting robbed etc. Anyway I owe you guys a big thanks, especially Rory. You guys are incredible. Thank you all very much!

I seem to have my employer convinced that the Geovision system and the true day/night cams are worth the price tag they come with. The main yard is covered in what looks to be small and very large bullet cams with lots of large IR’s. Most just have initials like KMC or CMC something like that. The plan is to replace them with true day/night cams. The DVR looks to be pretty old and is not a computer based Geovision system so I believe it should be replaced. The problem is I am finding it difficult to find a Geovision DVR pre built with an 1120a card. I found a couple but they were very expensive. I’m thinking it would be cheaper to build my own computers and install the Geovision 1120a’s. My employer says he would like to order the computer from Dell. My questions are will the 1120a cards be adequate for the job? What Dell computer would you think is adequate? And is it possible for him to view all four yards on separate screens with this setup? We were looking at the Geovision control center on the Geovision site and were thinking it might be helpful for this installation. Also he would like a motion detection system that will phone him at home. I see that the Geovision system will send IM alerts but is there a way to set it up with some type of add on devise that will phone him at home? I really appreciate any input you guys may have.

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