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Programming "Shots" with Bosch VG4 PTZ

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Hi everyone, I am setting up a Bosch VG4 series PTZ camera and interfacing with a Pelco D protocol DVR. I am then using a program called MultiSys to set up "Shots" so that the camera will look to whichever zone triggered the alarm. The "shots" don't respond to MultiSys, it always defaults to "shot 2". I'm wondering if anyone knows of a software Pelco D keyboard controller that I can use to program shots, that way I don't have to rely on MultiSys to move the camera. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!



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Go to boschsecurity.us


Online prod catalog

Cameras PTZ

Click on a series 300, 500


Then click software link



You can download Configuration Tool for Imaging Devices.

CTFID....it will allow you to connect to your dome, control it and set shows. It does not matter what protocol you set shots...bosch or pelco. The shots are stored on the cpu controller.


Oh and there is a manual for CTFID, it walks you through how to connect.



Once you get your shots programmed, hook it back up to your DVR. CTFID operates with either 232, 485 or using a special tool, VP-USB.

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