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Avermedia, cannot access Remote Console

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I hope someone can help.


I got the Avermedia SA6416 system, and i access the remote Web Viewing via the browser by entering the static IP. With the view i can only view and not replay or search anythign remotely. There is a TAB on there that says "remote console" After clicking on it, i get a message saying


" Windows cannot find 'C:\Program Files (x86)\remoteAP\install_language_20090326.exe'


Im not sure what that means, i believe its looking to launch the remote console but its not. would it be located elsewhere?


I looked on the software CD proivded and i am not to sure( or cannot see a program that i am able to use for remote console"


The programs i have are

Video Enahncer

Remote Backup

Dispatch Server

QLog Viewer


Are any of the above used for the remote console? (so that i can play and rewind)


I would be very greatful for support


Kind regards



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Hi. sounds like you never selected RUN as administrator when you loaded webviewer. so you have to delete everything then start again. then select run as administrator and then click remote console. are you using port 5550 ??


1) Close all open windows.

2) Deleted all instances of WebcamX from c:/windows/downloaded program files

3) Uninstalled the version of Remote Console (in control panel).

4) Deleted the active X control in Internet Explorer (Tools > Manage Add ons > All add ons > Webcam X control > More Information > Remove)

5) Deleted the c:/remoteAP folder.

6) Rebooted PC.

7) Opened IE as administrator, log onto DVR



if you still have problems i will send you to aver FTP site.

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hi Tomcctv


Firstly, i would like to thank you so much for you help. much appreciated. i did exactly what you said, it worked perfectly. Its a shame they dont tell you this with instructions when you buy the system.


i now have the program running, but have a blue screen. It wont connect to the remote dvr.


my understanding is, is that i need to forward the port number? currently i got 1 port forwarding activated which is 80 (web browser). i have to port numbers one is 5555 and other is 5550. which one do i use? i take i have to port forward it for it to work?


i look forward to your reply.


thank you



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