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Help!!! avtech kpd674b remote viewing

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need help on how to view the cameras on a iphone using eagle eye app.


we all ready port forward the port on the router and enable the ddns service. i can view the cameras on the computer using the dvr ip address without any problem. but we can't on the iphone.


title: dvr1

ip address: ????? what to put here? dvr ip? public ip? ddns ip? host name?

port: 88

username: admin

password: admin


we need help on what to put on the ip section.

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if you already have a dynamic dns service, the the address you connect to with eagle eyes is your DYDNS address [plus the port number.

eg myip.dydns.org:88 or whatever your port number is.

Personally, I'd move away from port 80, this caused me problems and was fixed using port 5555.

Incidentally, if your'e using eagle eyes on the iphone, you'll need to create two entries. One for when you are at home connected to wifi and on the same network as the dvr, connecting usuing your internal I.P (usually 192.168.x.x) and the entry second for when you are accessing remotely and connecting via the dydns address.

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