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GV800b not compatible with DH67BLB3 Intel motherboard?

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I have been installing and supporting GV systems for about 6-7 years. I have checked these forums from time to time for info but this is my first post. Maybe I can be of some use here too. Here goes:

So I built a system this week to support 16 analog cameras and 8 ip with 3-5mp each. Specs are as follows:

Intel DH67BLB3 motherboard

Intel Core i7 2600 CPU

Gskill ripjaws DDR3 (2X4gb)

WD30EZRX hard drive 3tb, 6gbps

GV800b 16channel PCIE

Windows 7 64bit


So after my usual install of the OS, drivers, updates, etc I installed the 8.5.1 that was supplied with the card and all was well. Took it to the job and replaced the old GV1120 core2 system with the newer faster one.

Ran good for about 20 minutes then froze (OS locked, image frozen on screen) while I was setting the camera names. OK so maybe it was random. Restarted and kept setting up. Went out to install more cams and it locked again. Nothing exciting was logged in the Windows event logs at the time of crash. I saw it was running hot so I pulled off the stock cooler and remounted with arctic silver5. Still locking after 20 minutes. Took it home for the night. Installed H60 water cooler. (yes overkill) Running much cooler but PCH was 68c. Installed bigger heaksink on PCH chip and now stable at 46c. Ran prime95 all night with GV system in background (no cams attached) It was stable all night.


Brought it back to job explaining that the closet is very hot and it needed some better cooling. Installed in place and locked again after 20 minutes. I got on the chat with geovision (Frank) who told me that the 800b card is only compatible with 8.53. It was shipped to me with 8.51. So he provided me with a very slow FTP download link and I got the software 10 hours later. Performed the full uninstall with command prompt entries and everything. Installed it and DVR ran fine until I connected it to the cameras at the site. Locked again. Tried moving to a different PCie slot and same problem.

Contacted geo again (Abdi) and was told possibly my motherboard is not compatible. Was given a list of geo tested motherboards that showed several with H67 chipset. Not sure what to think now.

I have installed the new 800b card into the old DVR for now and it is running fine but slow.

I have ordered a completely new system with differnt mobo, CPU and mem. I guess I have this new PC to use for gaming or something because it wont work as a DVR.

Any ideas on what it could be? Anyone else having problems with new intel chipsets?

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We had a lot of issues with the i-5 chipsets. Make sure you have the latest bios update and Mainboard drivers. The bios was the key for us to keep them going.

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I believe it is a bit of a "Conspiricy" that these new motherboards don't work with the older cards. I have several customers who have had systems die and when we replace the PC it wouldn't work, after a TON of hours or troubleshooting and tech support with USAvision, we were told that the older cards (PCI, not the newer PCI-x) will not work with newer chipsets and windows 7 64 bit and the solution was to throw away the perfectly good Geovision cards and buy a new one. I think this is garbage, Geovision is just choosing not to make working drivers so we have to buy more outdated analog capture cards, much like they did a few years ago.



I found some older boards and cpus and they all work fine with the cards. I know analog is on the way out but making customers buy more capture cards is just not fair when the hardware is still fine and in some cases only a couple years old.

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