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Hello there,

We currently have an analog surveillance system. Still have (3) channels left in the DVR.

Need to install a camera at guard shack that is 500 ft away. Running wire there is not an option. As matter of fact, the computer there gets internet access via wifi (per IT guy). The shack does have power.

What choices do I have to install the camera that will work out there.

Thanks for your help.

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Well, there's a variety of analog transmitter/receiver sets available, but none of them have been terribly reliable in the long run, in my experience. I would consider either a set of analog to IP encoders (I've used Acti ACD-3100 decoders, and either an Acti ACD-2100 encoder, or an Acti camera that's compatible with the encoder).


Then, if the existing link already has connectivity between the guard shack and building where your DVR is, you could use it, otherwise you could use some decent, lower cost IP links (I use Ubiquiti gear frequently).


You might want to check whether your DVR could be upgraded to a hybrid analog/IP type unit, this would allow you to use IP cameras with no converters.

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