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Samsung SCV-3080 Dome, which wires are RS-485 ?

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I'm finally getting around to installing camera #7 of 8 this weekend. This will be the best camera I will have. Samsung SCV-3080 Dome no IR TDN WDR heater fan etc.. Camera has typical BNC Video out and power wires. Also has a 4 pin connector. The 4 wires on the connector are labeled (1) Ext DN, (2) N.C., (3) MD Out, (4) Ground


Nothing is labeled RS485. Should I assume RS485 + is terminal #1 and RS485 - is terminal #4. User manual does not mention RS485. Samsung spec sheet says supports both Coaxial and RS485 communication. Spec sheet also states "Design and specifications are subject to change without notice". Now I'm wondering if OSD control is now Coaxial only. What do you guys think?


I've been using the Cat5e brown pair for data




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