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IP Cams over Coax and With DVR

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Go easy on me...I know very little about IP cameras.


I have existing siamese cabling (RG59 and power). I need to replace a dead camera. My current DVR is not old. It is an Everfocus ECOR264-9X1 (http://www.everfocus.com/product.cfm?productid=181).


Can I install an IP camera in place of the existing (and dead) analog camera? That is, I would need to run the video over the existing RG59 with some sort of converter. And, can that signal work with my DVR? In other words, it would look like this:


IP Camera with RJ45 out >> plugged into a converter to connect RJ45 to RG59 >> video signal sent over RG59 to DVR and attached to DVR via existing BNC connections.


Image attached.


I realize I would not get the image quality of the IP camera, but am thinking that if this works, having a somewhat future-proof IP camera in place might make sense??




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You can buy IP cameras that have analog out. That may be cheaper. For example, the Dahua IPC-HFW3200CN that I reviewed has analog outputs as well as ethernet. This way you can run it to your DVR for now, when you are ready to convert to maybe a hybrid NVR, you can take advantage then of the 1080P resolution.

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