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Mouse problems in Viewlog

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I have two locations out of my 50+ systems complaining that as they use the Viewlog the mouse buttons quit responding. The mouse continues to move the buttons won't work to slow or pause the footage. When VNC'd into the system, the mouse portion responds normally. This usually occurs when using the video at 32x speed or changing a quad view to single view by clicking a camera. CPU and memory usage sit at about 50% even during video playback with no notable spike. One of the locations was running the Geovision 854 and has been updated to 855 (removed old software and reinstalled) and the other has always had 855.


I have updated the mainboard and usb drivers. I am running Intel Core I-5 2400 3.10 Ghz, 8 GB ram, 250 GB OS drive, 12 TB raided video drive Win 7 64-bit.


Anyone encounter this, have any tips I may have missed?




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