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Bosch Divar sata HDD upgrade help

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I have an older Bosch divar that has a 250 gig drive in it and I tried upgraded to a 1 TB drive. The problem is it wants an ide drive and tried a sata drive with a roswill sata to ide adapter. It sees the drive in the menu but it only records to it for about 15 min before I get a disk failure. Even after the failure the HDD still is shown in the menu its there but it just stops writing to it unless I reboot it and it will record again for 15 min or so.


I really love this dvr but just want more storage for it. Maybe someone here has used other adapters with good luck. I am willing to try another brand

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check in the spec sheet what's the maximum supported HDD size. if can't figure it out call Bosch they have super good support. and don't try IDE/SATA adapters, these will work on PC but rarly on DVRs. get a native IDE drive its <$100 for 1TB

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