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PTZ control Help

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I have this Problem with Regards with PTZ connection RS485.


My PTZ camera has only one pair of connection for RS485 which i think is RX.


I have already configured all my 4 sets of PTZ camera already connected to my PTZ controller and all run smooth and Good.


My Dilemma is How i do i connect the All PTZ in series of wire connected to the PTZ controller, I have 7 sets of PTZ camera and the 3 doesn't yet controlled.


It is safe to interconnect all the RS485 RX of my PTZ the Positive and the Negative then tap it on my one port of my PTZ controller then set the PTZ address form 1 to 7.



... ive already set a PTZ camera in chain and the camera has 2 pairs of wire the TX and RX. itap the 2nd camera RX to the 1st camera TX and this how the chain goes on.


but with this one i bought has only 1 set of wire RX.



Please help me badly need feedback today

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yes it safe. it's rs485 network you are not going to damage a thing. it's either working or not. trial and error works fine.

just make sure you have different address for each PTZ and star network should work.

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