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port forwarding with cox communications!!!!

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This port forwarding is driving me crazy!!!! I am trying to set up my geovision 650 card and software for remote viewing.


I have forwarded the ports that I need to but I can not get port 80 to forward. I have tried 8080, 81, 8081, 2525 and all kinds of other numbers to get it to forward with no luck.


I have forwarded ports 4550, 5550, 6550, and 5552 successfully by checking with "can you see me".


My isp is cox communications.


I have searched through numerous threads on this site and through google searches trying different tips and tricks to find an open port but I can not seem to find one.


Is there a good way to do this? I want to be able to view from my Iphone as well as from my computer at work.



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For canyouseeme.org to work you must have a service running on the ports you forward. when you tried 8080,81 etc you should have changed the port in Geovision to match this ports, otherwise canyouseeme won't see the port open as there is no service running on that port.

for iphone viewer you'll need to port forward also port 8866 and enable mobile viewing in Geovision network setting.

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