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Removing IR Filter

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I purchase an Apexis outdoor PTZ cam and found out it did not have night vision. I am being told that the IR filter can be removed and then I can use external IR lighting to achive my night vision. Is this correct?

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You don'y want use External illuminators with PTZ cameras you want integrated night vision that syncs with the zoom zens.


High Resolution Superb Image Quality

The NOVA 200M-37X boasts a state-of-the-art ¼” Ex-View HAD II CCD imager that delivers rich 600TVL color by day and crisp 700TVL monochrome images at night. It contains a 3.5mm-129.5mm lens for an optical zoom factor of 37X for extreme wide angle to narrow fields of view. This, along with the camera’s 16X digital zoom gives a total of 592X zoom to capture even the most minute details at great distances. HD 1080P 2MP camera with 20x zoom lens is also available.


Micro-Step PTZ Positioning

A belt-driven system and the implementation of Micro-Step technology delivers 0.01° accuracy at speeds of 200°/s. The NOVA is packed with features such as multiple-level PTZ control, presets, tours, auto-flip, and proportional pan-speed, providing unparalleled situational awareness with no blind spots.


Adaptive Light Performance

This camera contains integrated OSD programming allowing configuration of every aspect of the camera to suit any application. The OSD allows the use of wide dynamic range (optional WDR), highlight compensation (HLC), targeted backlight compensation (TBL), and auto white balance (AWB), as well as a host of other image-enhancing technologies.


ZLID Active Illumination

Ascendent’s laser IR diode module combines ZLID technology (Zoom Laser IR Diode), quality optics, and sophisticated electronics with long-range active IR illumination greatly exceeding both performance and distance of traditional IR LED illumination. ZLID technology synchronizes IR intensity and area illumination with a motorized zoom lens for flawless active IR performance that eliminates over and under exposure for 24/7 true day/night performance.


Rugged Design

All the components are integrated in a robust IP 66 rated enclosure, constructed of high quality aluminum alloy and a thick, flat tempered glass window to withstand even the most severe assaults while maintaining an aesthetic profile. Its internal, thermostatically controlled heater/blower maintains a constant internal temperature. Even in extreme temperatures from -45°C to +60°C it offers absolute performance for the most demanding applications making it the clear choice for security professionals worldwide.


Network And IP HD Module available

View all your cameras instantly and remotely, and control them through the internet in real time from

anywhere in the world using ARMS (Ascendent Remote Management Software) with your laptop, iPhone or

Android device. Because internet is often limited to low bandwidth satellites, Ascendent’s IP cameras can record at one resolution, stream at another, and have integrated VBR and CBR to manage the amount of data and bandwidth that is used by each camera individually to ensure smooth operation on any network. Ascendent uses the latest H.264 SVC compression and a TI DSP processor for high quality video with smooth streaming and control and comes with Ascendents X4 or X5 VMS NVR software with no license fees or registrations just plug and play.


The Nova series is based on the same propitiatory ZLID technology as Ascendents Sigma cameras that used in the most demanding defense and mission critical applications from military to home land defense.

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