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Do you agree with these 2013 predictions?

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Here is the image.... you can view it here if you're interested. Made the graphic from IMS Research's data.... wondering how accurate you guys think the predictions are.





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i wonder what more spammy. 2mcctv useless 'study' or this post. i want my 3 minutes back.

Actually IMS Research is very reputable source of info

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Personally, what I'm most curious about is something that is only tangentially on the list. "Big Data" was mentioned, but how about retailer video analytics in conjunction with "Big Data"? The Target chain for one does intelligent predictive marketing based on buying habits. They can tell you if someone who uses plastic for their purchases is buying items for a pregnant woman and what trimester of their pregnancy they're in and then sends "target"ed advertising to the consumer knowing that someone in that household is pregnant. If I remember the story correctly, before they got a bit smarter and less heavy handed in their advertising, one Dad got ticked at Target for sending condom and pregnancy-related ads to his young daughter who he was sure wasn't having sex and definitely wasn't pregnant. Target knew before he did. You can imagine how he felt when he found out.


To combine this with cctv, imagine what can happen when you make a credit card purchase at a store using face recognition software. With enough computer power thrown at their store cameras, they can now identify you by name when you enter their store, track you by name as you walk around, note which sections you hang out in, and add any purchases you make with cash to their credit card files, air miles records, etc. If it hasn't happened yet, I bet Walmart, Target, Sears, etc are working on it. And they're getting smarter at mixing irrelevant ads in with the REAL ads aimed at YOU in their advertising so you don't notice it happening.

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Well - this looks more like a marketing paper to me!


A real innovation for 2013:


The future will bring cctv systems being able to record and replay geo-referenced video and sensor meta data.



The operator can locate an object seen in video or measure object's height, speed, direction in absolute values.

No more sensor specific programming required! Define rules relative to the Geo-position if sensors....

and much more..



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