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porting problem with my DVR

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Hello folks,


I need help with a 8 CH DVR system. Right now, the DVR system is working fine internally but when I use a DNS host name (in this case no-ip) I get nothing. I checked the porting using a website called "you get signal". And the port for my DVR are reported closed (for both web and media). Is there something worng with my network? Because right now the network is just a modem connected to a router then to DVR and thats it. What else can cause this?


And help will be great.



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Don't know where you're located, but on some ISP's, port 80 is not available and you have to use another one, ie; 81.


You could also have a "bridge" issue with the modem/router. Contact your ISP in relation to both of those possible issues.


Note: I'm taking for granted that you did forward the ports in the router for the one's that you need.



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