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A whole new system to replace year old junk

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I cannot believe I am doing this again.


A year ago I bought a dvr, 3 outdoor, infrared bullets, a ptz and buried a cat5 cable as well as a wireless transmitter/receiver to hook up to a tv. This is for a barn and all of the equipment is in the barn. With the exception of the ptz, everything was protected from the elements.


I had a ton of trouble getting set up and hated the software to control the dvr from day one. This is a gen 4 dvr which I am pretty sure is the Dahua that is so popular. My biggest complaint was the difficulty of remote viewing.


Everything is shot with the exception of the cat5. At least I hope the cat5 is not a problem. The cables from the cameras to the dvr are light weight and have all had to be replaced at least once. I believe the cables were frying the bullets but I am not positive.


This time I want to put together a decent set up and right now I am focused on the dvr.


I need:


4 channel DVR with a good quality picture. Recording is not a big concern as this is almost exclusively for live viewing. Good quality to me mean being able to read ear tags at night. The longest distance from camera to edge of pen is 40 ft.


EASY remote viewing for PCs, iPhone, Android, iPads. Downloading software or apps is fine. Not being able to view anything after downloading them is not.


Audio/Video output to be able to hook up the wireless transmitter


PTZ control


Audio that actually works. I was never able to get the audio to transmit with the gen v.


Does anyone know anything about this DVR:



I will need to replace the PTZ, the 3 bullets, and the cables from camera to dvr as well. I am open to suggestions for anything but DVR help is especially appreciated.

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Is your cat5 cable located outside?


Is it solid copper or stranded?


Is it rated for outdoor use?


Did you use a decent surge protector on the equipment?

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The cat5 is direct bury cable and was buried well.


It is stranded.


I used a power strip and thought it was one with a good surge protector. I think I might want to use a 24 v power box. The longest power run is 65' on bullets with the PTZ being 75 feet from DVR.

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Is your cat5 cable black color? Does it have gel in it?


Ideally you should have used solid copper cat5 cable.


Next time around use an APC surge protector.


If you want a good DVR that will last, give you the best possible quality over the net on your mobile device I would go for a Korean DVR.


I have personally never liked Dahua equipment. All their hardware have a flaw of some sort.


If you are ready to do the re install PM me with the equipment you need.

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