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remote viewing Zmodo NVR using HughesNet

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I have been struggling to configure the remote viewing for this new Zmodo NVR system over a HughesNet Satellite connection for two months now. I have the static IP address from HughesNet and the ports are forwarded on my Cisco router. I am able to view the cameras on my cell phone but am unable to view them from a computer across the Internet.

everything works fine from inside my network. the problem is just remote viewing over the internet, which was the main reason we bought the system in the first place.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

thank you!

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What browser are you using?


Do you get ANYTHING if you browse to it or just a timeout?


Are you able to view the cameras from away using your phone?


Are you browsing to your specific port. eg


These need to be known.


Zmodo has some funky browser issues. Works fine on Firefox, sucks on IE.

See here,http://kb.zmodo.com/article.php?id=96

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HI what Hughes platform you on new gen 4 stuff? what modem ht 1000 we are install for Canada Version of that That setup but it does not have static ip address yet

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