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Remote cameras, no power or internet...

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I have just been asked by a client if there is any way to install a camera at his roadside produce stand. He has had problems with vandals spray bombing.


He has no power there and no internet connection..


I was thinking of an IP camera, powered by a battery that is trickle charged by a small solar panel, that would record to an SD card. One problem, he doesn't want to climb a ladder to retrieve the card every day but he does want it mounted high up in the overhang, at 13ft.


Also, he wants it to be as covert as possible. Yes, I explained the benefit of having a visible camera, but he wants to actually catch the vandals in the act, so to speak.


His season is just about to start, so he would like this ASAP.


Anyone have any ideas?

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Use something like this for internet, http://www.virginmobileusa.com/shop/mobile-broadband/broadband-2-go/sierra-overdrive-pro/features/ and use something like this for power, http://www.amazon.com/Sunforce-50048-60-Watt-Solar-Charging/dp/B000CIADLG/ref=cm_lmf_tit_1


Me personally, would tell the guy to get at least power to the location or I won't do the job. Are there any buildings

near him? Maybe you can ask to install a good zoom camera off a nearby building?

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Ok then...


My other job is winding down and I can once again concentrate on the CCTV world.


As for this problem, I never did find a solution. I spoke with the customer last week and he is still wanting to get some sort of surveillance camera up and running.


As GB stated, we're up in Canuckistan, but that shouldn't matter too much. We still need a camera that is right for the application.


Any ideas out there?

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I know of a couple cameras that would work great but they are about 5 grand for a full wireless setup with solar power and everything not sure what your budget is, but I am going to assume not 5 grand.

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