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Connecting metal flexible conduit to Magnetic gate lock

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Hi folks


I am installing a maglock on a gate & I am running a 16mm (20mm is too wide) flexible conduit along one of the gate leafs to the maglock, I have seen available 16mm fittings(please see below) with a male thread that connects to the flexible conduit however the maglock has a 20mm male thread ?




Are there 20mm to 16mm connector reducers available, one idea I had was to use a 20mm galvanised steel coupler to screw onto the maglock & then push the 10mm flexible metal conduit into the coupler. Not ideal but its all I can muster at the moment. Using 20mm flexible conduit would be ideal but I can't use it as there is a small channel on the gate that only 16mm will fit.


Also the gate is two leafs & is a typical school playground gate finished in plastic coating, the bars are about 15mm diameter, I was looking to cable tie the flexible conduit along the gate to the maglock, is this OK or is there a more professional way to do it ?


Would appreciate it if anyone has any solutions.


Thanks all.

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We use the Dortronics gate mag locks that have the 3/4 NPT conduit fitting already in it.

We mount the maglock on the post and come up out of the ground with the conduit. We mount the armature on the gate itself so no conduit is required on the gate.

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Thank you ssmith10pn for your reply & advice.


I just saw a pic of your mentioned Maglock on the Dortroncs website, the Maglock is very similar to the one I have with the male thread. The thread on my Maglock is 20mm so I have found a way to use 20mm flexible metal conduit to loop on the hinge of one of the gate leafs(there is no header on the gate) & run to the Maglock, I'll use a 20mm glavanised coupler & attach this to the Maglock & then screw in the flexible conduit (with the conduit 20mm fitting) into the coupler.


This is the Maglock I have. http://www.icssecurity.co.uk/Electric_Locking_Devices_GL1200NTBR_Stainless_Steel_Magnet.asp


Thank you

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