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Wansview NCH530W - Move camera on alarm impulse

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does anyone know if its possible, to make a camera move to an predefined position, when it gets an impulse from an alarm device, connected to the alarminput of the camera?


I am using a Wansview NCH530W to observe the entrance of my office. Theres a window connected to an alarm device, but that window is not in vision of the cameras usual position. The goal is, to make the camera move to the window and record, when it gets an alarm impulse from the windows alarm device.


Is this possible? How to realize? Or does someone know about an other camera, which supports this?


Thanks alot for your thoughts.

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Indeed, technically it would be easier to just add an camera. But its about cost efficiency, and to get the most out of my camera.


I want to observe the entrance most of the time, where the cam is usually focussed at. Theres a window in the back of the room, which is not in vision of the cams usual focus - i want to use an simple alarm device at this window, which triggers when its open/broken and makes the camera focus it and take a snapshot / video / email me.


Do YOU know, how to do it?

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Yes, that is why I asked what you are doing for recording. Some recorders will have inputs which can activate various functions, in your case a camera.


Your camera does not have this capability. Typically, you will need a camera that can take an input and then go to,a predefined location. In addition, you will want it to do his at a very high rate of speed which can also auto focus.


I like ICReal Time for analog and Vivotek for IP. The cheapest or least expensive of these start at about 1200.00.


There are bases that are made that you can mount your camera to but you would need to still focus and maybe adjust he FOV.


So yes, it can be done. I just installed a Vivotek in a neighborhood pool that patrols at night, tracks any movement and will focus in on sound if a certain volume is detected once the alarm system is set, so it knows the pool is closed. The camera was 2400 dollars to the HOA but it saved them enough on insurance premiums it paid for itself.

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